We recently partnered with DellEMC to bring you a new IDC whitepaper focused on one of the most critical and relevant considerations for today’s data center leaders and operators. In How Network Disaggregation Facilitates Datacenter and IT Modernization, IDC discusses how digital transformation and the prioritization and modernization of applications are putting pressure on business infrastructure, specifically the network, to modernize and optimize for the digital era.

In brief, the IT world has changed rapidly around the network, demanding automation, scalability and agility. But the network has remained unchanged — monolithic, stagnant and inflexible. The implications for businesses now are not just technological support but economical as well. An inflexible network becomes expensive to scale at the speed of customer expectations and business innovation. Business innovation puts pressure on data centers to offer extensive automation of the entire network life cycle, from provisioning and deployment to day-to-day management and upgrades.

With IT transformation initiatives taking place everywhere to support application needs, the time is now to leverage those initiatives to reassess network architectures and operational models. Network disaggregation is a key architectural step forward to help organizations meet these challenges by offering unprecedented flexibility and agility to support end-to-end automation and world-class application support. The paper states:

“In an IDC SDN Survey (datacenter and enterprise campus, conducted toward the end of 2017, more than 85% of respondents indicated that they planned to deploy software-defined networking (SDN) in their datacenters within the next year. When asked to identify their primary motivations for considering or implementing SDN in the datacenter, enterprise respondents cited the need to increase network agility to support virtualized applications, the need for the network to become more automated and programmable, the need to improve security in the datacenter, and the need for the network to provide greater operational efficiencies”

Download the IDC Report to learn how SDN with network disaggregation “aligns not only with the architectural and infrastructure requirements of modern datacenters but also how it can provide the right abstractions for significant operational benefits, such as increased IT and operational efficiencies, faster provisioning of resources, improved network management and troubleshooting, and in the big picture, faster time to market and better alignment of IT teams with the business outcomes that matter most to the organizations that employ them.”

Topics include:

  • Primary motivators for SDN transformation
  • How IT platforms have evolved over the years and the advancement of the 3rd platform
  • The most commonly cited strategies for IT infrastructure decisions
  • Digital transformations impact on employees, recruitment and team organization
  • DellEMC’s approach to networking in the cloud era
  • Customer use cases leveraging Cumulus Linux and DellEMC

If you’re managing or influencing major decisions about IT and data center infrastructure, you don’t want to miss this report on the latest trends and thought leadership.


Download now network disaggregation paper