Networking Field Day is not your typical event; it is an interactive forum where vendors present to selected networking industry experts.

Feb 11, 2015 was our first Networking Field Day at Cumulus Networks and as many have commented, it was “very informational” and an “excellent” presentation. So, for those of you that could not make it, here is the recap with the recordings.

Being an atypical event, #NFD9 had to start off differently with…. a grandiose entrance from the delegates in a limo and some first-class espressos powered by the Cumulus Networks team before getting off to an exciting 2hours forum.

Networking Field Day - Cumulus Networks tweets

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Cumulus Networks Overview

Kicking off the session was JR Rivers (@JRCumulus), Co-founder and CEO of Cumulus Networks for a straight conversation and great anecdotes on Cumulus Networks and what makes Cumulus Linux different. “Cumulus Linux is fundamentally & unashamedly Linux!” What sets Cumulus Networks apart from others? The responsibility to take patches upstream, the real partnerships, being an enabler rather than a gatekeeper.

Networking Field Day at Cumulus Networks

Data Center Architectures

What architectures are best suited for today’s date center network? And how does Cumulus Networks make it easier to build networks? Dinesh Dutt (@ddcumulus), Chief Scientist at Cumulus Networks goes on to answer these questions in an entertaining and lively presentation. Customers need simple building blocks with simple L2 networking (MLAG) and L3 Clos. Cumulus Linux supports both, it supports additional functionality to simplify configuration (ex. PTM, IP unnumbered, L2 & L3 automation) and it is a platform that people can innovate on top of.

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Data Center Operations

So Cumulus Linux supports great networking, what’s next? Matt Peterson (@dorkmatt) our resident expert from the office of the CTO shares his previous experience, his views on devops, and how Cumulus Networks makes it easier to manage networks with ONIE, ZTP and no CLI! “Devops is a lifestyle, shared responsibility”. With Linux as the networks OS, “it’s all just one apt-get away!”

NFD9 cumulus networks

Real World Examples

And finally, for all of us with a network administrator background, David Sinn, Customer Solution Engineer at Cumulus Networks takes us on his journey from network admin to cloud admin and provides customer examples. In particular, you’ll hear some lively discussion around Linux bash configuration versus the CLI, with many applauding ifupdown2 for operational simplicity.

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NFD9 at Cumulus Networks has received lots of great feedback, so what’s next? Enjoy the recorded videos and try Cumulus Linux on the Cumulus Workbench today.

NFD9 Cumulus Networks