The community-selected delegates of Networking Field Day 9 #NFD9 are coming to Cumulus Networks on February 11, 12:30pm-2:30pm PST, to learn more about open networking – and it’s going to be live streamed for everyone, so mark your calendar.

We’ve assembled a team of industry experts from Cumulus Networks to discuss with 13 NFD9 delegates data center evolution and what makes us different.

The topics to be presented are:

  • Overview and what makes Cumulus Linux compelling JR Rivers, co-founder and CEO
  • Data center architectures and how we make it easier to build networks Dinesh Dutt, Chief Scientist
  • Data center network operations and how we make it easier to manage networks Matt Peterson, Office of the CTO
  • Real world examples, from a network admin to a cloud admin David Sinn, Customer Solutions Engineer

Networking Field Day is not just a one-way presentation; it brings us together with independent thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format. If you’re a networking technologist, this is a great opportunity for you to join the live stream and participate in the discussions on Twitter #NFD9 and @CumulusNetworks. If you’ve heard about open networking and want a variety of opinions all in one place, then this may be just what you’re looking for!

#NFD9 discussions have already started

Here are some of the discussions related to #NFD9

Peter Welcher, one of the delegates, shared in his blog what he wants to hear about: “I can see virtue in providing a common Linux platform for developers to add functionality to.” … “I do find myself wondering: What makes Cumulus Linux better than others?”

Brandon Carroll mentioned in his blog: “I’m looking forward to hearing more about the 2.5 release. I’d also love to get in and kick the tires or at least see how it is to configure it. I know its mostly bash, but what else can I do?”

Lindsay Hill put it this way in his blog: “I’m also very happy to see Cumulus Networks making a first appearance.  I’ve done a lot of Linux work during my career, and there’s many times I would have loved to have all the capabilities of a GNU/Linux environment on a switch.”

Good points. We’ll address these topics along with the live questions and discussions at #NFD9

What’s next?