Any major technology shift in the data center, such as open networking, is about much more than just swapping out today’s hardware and software for the better, faster, more affordable next generation products.

It’s just as much about people and their processes – and the learning curve required for accelerated success as the new technology takes hold.

Open networking is at this stage now. It’s broadly seen as an inevitable tech trend as data center architectures change to a software-driven model to resolve challenges around agility, scalability and cost. The trend is reminiscent of the transformation of the server infrastructure that gave customers choice, better tools, and TCO improvements – and that allowed data center system admins to develop new technical skills along the way.

2015 is the year when open networking will expand from big cloud operators and early adopters to organizations of all sizes. The technology is proven, and now there’s support for layer 2, layer 3 and layer 3 overlay architectures.

So what does that mean to the people who keep all the world’s data centers running? It’s an opportunity to expand their technical horizons (and their contributions to the business) by learning how to leverage open networking in their environments.

To meet the need to ramp up on open networking, Cumulus Networks is now offering a range of training and consulting services to help customers learn how to deploy and run open networks based on industry-standard switching and the Cumulus Linux operating system.

The common thread across these: learn from the experts. Customers can get ramped up with open networking more quickly and effectively with training and consulting.

  • First, there’s training. Led by networking professionals, Cumulus Networks training classes provide the instruction and hands-on practice needed to install, deploy, configure, and operate Cumulus Linux.
    • David Nguyen from SAP put it this way after attending a class: “The Cumulus Linux Boot Camp is very intuitive. It’s great for both system admins and developers. The use cases and labs helped a lot.”
    • Gary Hauser from Copper River IT adds this about the Cumulus Linux Boot Camp: “I really enjoyed the class. I was very happy with the quality and detail level. … a STRONG recommend!

The Cumulus Linux Boot Camp is available onsite or online.

  • Second, consulting services from Cumulus Networks experts help guide you through an implementation, reducing risk and quickly achieving results while you learn best practices and considerations.
    • Half-day “Remote Setup Assist” consulting services help you get started with your Cumulus Linux installation and configuration.
    • The onsite “Jumpstart” service saves you time and resources by providing a guided installation and tour of Cumulus Linux – plus answers to your questions about architecture and deployment specific to your environment.
    • Finally, custom consulting services can be tailored to fit your specific needs.
  • Third, all Cumulus Linux license subscriptions now include 24/7/365 premium support from our GSS team and access to the Cumulus Networks customer portal and the knowledge base articles which provide everything from common fixes to demos and training. Our senior engineers support over a million ports in service. They have an average of over 15 years of technical experience to help ensure faster time to resolution than legacy networking vendors. These experts troubleshoot your network in real time and develop scripts and content to assist you – another way knowledge transfers to your organization as you adopt open networking.
  • Finally, you can supplement the premium support with a Technical Account Manager. Cumulus Networks TAMs are very senior, very technical engineers who can ensure your network is optimized for industry best practices, reliability and supportability. TAMs can also help you bridge the gap between your existing networking expertise and open networking with Cumulus Linux as existing staff gets up to speed.

Cumulus Networks experts provide the training, consulting and technical support, but these offerings – and Cumulus Linux – are available from a broad range of channel partners globally.

Want to learn more about Cumulus Linux? Check out product information, our savings calculator, or the Cumulus Workbench remote test lab.

Major tech shifts aren’t easy, but open networking is emerging as one that is well worth the effort as organizations of all sizes employ it to scale affordably and improve agility. When it’s time to learn about open networking for your data center, skilled instructors and field engineers at Cumulus Networks are ready to help.