As you probably know, Cumulus Networks is an active contributor and enthusiastic member of the OCP community. So naturally, we couldn’t bear to miss OCP Summit 2018! The summit was held in San Jose from March 20th – 21st, and believe us, if you’re into open source anything, it was THE place to be. From BoF sessions to engineering workshops and everything in-between, there’s so much to talk about — but we’ll spare you an essay-length article and keep this short blog limited to our absolute favorite Cumulus OCP Summit highlights from the event. So whether you’re an OCP fan that couldn’t make it or you’re an attendee that wants to reminisce, check out these stellar moments from OCP Summit 2018.

Cumulus’ OCP projects

It was great to hear Omar Baldonado from Facebook give Backpack a shoutout during his keynote address. With the support of OCP, we’ve teamed up our OS with Celestica’s hardware to bring this project to fruition, and what better place to highlight this venture than at OCP Summit? As Baldonado points out, “Cumulus also has been a very long standing partner and contributor and driver within the OCP community,” and we intend to continue those efforts. (He also mentions Yahoo! Japan’s presentation about their experience with Backpack, but we’ll get to that later!) We’re super excited to be included in this partnership with OCP and can’t wait to see how the industry’s first commercially supported open chassis develops and revolutionizes the data center.

Cumulus OCP Summit highlights

Speaking of “industry firsts,” Backpack isn’t the only OCP project people are talking about — Cumulus Linux is also the OS for Voyager, the industry’s first open optical routing platform. (If you’re hearing about Voyager for the first time, check out this blog series that discusses Voyager and DWDM transponders.) For the summit’s lucky attendees, CTO JR Rivers whipped together a live Voyager demo at our booth so everyone could see it in action, up close and personal!

Cumulus OCP Summit highlights

Networking with S.O.U.L’s grand debut!

You know what legacy vendors are lacking (aside from innovation, scalability, efficiency, etc.)? They don’t have any S.O.U.L! The open networks of the future are breaking boundaries with Simple, Open, Untethered Linux (get it?). We’ve got all kinds of great new resources to teach you about S.O.U.L available, but OCP Summit was our first chance to rock our S.O.U.L in front of a crowd — our first stop on S.O.U.L’s worldwide tour!

Cumulus OCP Summit highlights

In addition to getting people to hop on board the S.O.U.L train and rocking some awesome t-shirts, we raffled off free guitars at our booth to some very lucky attendees. So congrats to our lucky winners — now you can rock your network AND rock out at home!

Cumulus OCP Summit highlights

Yahoo! Japan and Backpack: the dream team

And we’re back to Backpack! On the second day of the summit, OCP enthusiasts were treated to a presentation from Yahoo! Japan about their network developments and some of their recent efforts. When discussing building their own network, Yahoo! Japan mentioned that not every company has a team as large as cloud giants like AWS to design a custom network — which is why they turned to Cumulus Linux and Backpack chassis to help them build at scale. In fact, Yahoo! Japan was so confident in this solution, they actually purchased the first two Backpack chassis ever! Don’t believe us? Check out the serial numbers in this photo:

Cumulus OCP Summit highlights

Traditional chassis couldn’t provide Yahoo! Japan with what they required for their custom, cost-efficient and scalable network. According to Kenya Murakoshi, traditional chassis incurred additional expenses because they “have large overhead and need more optics and cables.” Thanks to Backpack, Yahoo! Japan was able to avoid these complexities and reduce their CapEx by 75% — wow!

Interview time with Cumulus and friends

Between the guitar raffle and our awesome free swag, the Cumulus Networks booth was definitely a fun place to hangout. But that didn’t prevent us from stopping by some of our friends’ booths and chatting with them about all things OCP! We had a great time talking to our partners about trends in networking, their latest projects and everything open source. Check out this interview we did with Marsour Karam from Apstra about automation, working with Yahoo! Japan and more!

If you want to see even more of our booth conversations at OCP Summit, including companies like Broadcom, head over to our Twitter!

Adobe looks toward the future

For Adobe, OCP Summit 2018 was the perfect place for them to discuss Project Greenfield. Their presentation focused on this project and how they were building a next generation data center — and who better to do that with than Cumulus? After explaining how they narrowed down their choices for hardware, software, etc., Stegen Smith mentioned that Adobe settled on Cumulus Linux for their operating system because, “Ultimately, it was a bigger name to sell as a brand and an easier transition with a similar CLI with Linux.” Stegen also went into greater detail about the benefits that they were able to leverage with Cumulus in one of his slides, shown here.

Cumulus OCP Summit highlights

It was hard to say goodbye to OCP Summit 2018 when all was said and done, but we had a blast! We hope you enjoyed checking out the Cumulus OCP Summit highlights. Huge shoutout to our partners, the OCP community and the fine folks who stopped by to say “Hi!” to Cumulus. This event rocked, and we can’t wait for next year!

Even if you didn’t win a guitar at OCP Summit, you can still amp up your network with S.O.U.L! Check out our website’s S.O.U.L page to learn more about the movement and access our new resources, including an ebook and an awesome video!