We are pleased to announce that Cumulus Linux 3.2 is now available for installation. The priority of this release was our operators: how can we make web-scale networking with Cumulus Linux easier, faster and more efficient for operators coming from all types of engineering backgrounds.

As more and more organizations are adopting a cloud environment for various uses, web-scale IT principles become an increasingly relevant tool for building efficient, automatable and scalable data centers. This release offers our customers a path to web-scale networking that is simple and user friendly.

Over the next several days, we’ll be posting several blog posts that go into detail about some of our 3.2 features. In the meantime, here is the overview.

Cumulus Linux 3.2 includes:

  • NCLU: Network Command Line Utility (NCLU) provides users one central point where they can manually drive the system. This new feature both enables network engineers from all backgrounds and retains all the benefits of standardizing on Linux to achieve significant operational efficiency. Learn more about NCLU.
  • PIM: Protocol-Independent Multicast enables efficient data distribution over Internet Protocol (IP). With the availability of PIM, you can now build networks utilizing web-scale networking ethos.
  • System Snapshots and Rollback: An industry first, snapshots and rollback enable users to save and revert to a previous safe state in the event of any error. Get an in depth look at Snapshots.
  • EVPN (coming soon): Ethernet Virtual Private Network (EVPN) simplifies the operation of a highly scalable VXLAN network obviating the need a proprietary vendor-specific dedicated controller. Learn more about EVPN.

Keep an eye out for the next several days as we roll out in-depth articles about some of our new features as well as a guest post from one of our well-loved partners.

To learn more about the features and how to install, head to our technical docs.