Unleashing the Power of Open Networking

Cumulus Networks is a system software company founded with the principle of enabling high capacity networks that are easy to deploy and affordable. Led by networking experts and innovators from Cisco and VMware, we provide great networking for layer 2, layer 3 and overlay architectures supported by improved economics and a robust ecosystem -- a modern alternative to proprietary vendor-locked stacks that constrain IT innovation.

Cumulus Networks technology powers well over one million switch ports worldwide, and our customers range from small businesses and universities to enterprises and some of the world's largest cloud providers.

Cumulus® Linux®, the operating system for open networking, enables disaggregation of top-of-rack (ToR) data center switching akin to the well-established model of server hardware/software disaggregation. Open networking solutions based on Cumulus Linux and bare metal switches from our extensive hardware compatibility list allow organizations of all sizes to leverage efficient data center technology developed by the world’s largest cloud operators. The resulting open networking solutions provide customers with:

  • CHOICE of hardware and software elements to fit their unique needs
  • AUTOMATION using exactly the same Linux tools employed for servers
  • AFFORDABLE SCALABILITY with clear CapEx savings and even greater OpEx savings
  • RAPID INNOVATION via custom, open source or commercial tools and applications

“Openness promotes progress. Open information and open tools allow the best minds from all over the world to innovate and make technology better, driving down costs and driving up efficiency and effectiveness.”

– Corey Bell, CEO, Open Compute Foundation


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Why Our Customers Choose Cumulus Networks

Open networking enables automation and data center transformation.

In the data center, the highly engineered networking model can no longer scale. IT teams are restricted by capacity limitations and slow feature development cycles. Open networking enables data center architectures that leverage a software-driven model to resolve challenges around agility, scalability and cost. With Cumulus Linux as the OS, open networks run alongside traditional networks, using the same switching and routing protocols. Now organizations can manage the data center infrastructure as one.

“DreamHost's large-scale, high-capacity cloud network is greatly enhanced by the use of Cumulus Networks technology, giving us hardware platform flexibility, significantly improved automation and management, and fantastic performance.”

– Jonathan LaCour, VP Product and Development at DreamHost

With a true Linux OS, networking adopts the language of the data center.

Cumulus Linux is a true Linux distribution plus hardware acceleration of switching and routing functions. Because it’s Linux, it provides native access to commercial and open source tools written for data center automation and management, including Ansible, Chef, CFEngine, and Puppet.

“With Cumulus Linux, manual configuration is no longer needed for provisioning new racks, applying new policy or responding to security advisories. The lifecycle is now entirely automated.”

– Alan Meadows, Chief Architect at NephoScale

CapEx savings are only the beginning; OpEx savings are even greater.

Cumulus Linux radically reduces the cost of increasing network capacity and throughput by enabling the use of the new generation of high-speed switching gear. Capital cost savings of 50% are typical for Cumulus Networks customers thanks to merchant silicon price/performance without the startlingly high markups of traditional networking vendors. Operating cost savings can be even greater thanks to simpler scaling, procurement flexibility, and especially to automation, which provides faster service delivery and reduces the risk of human error. Cumulus Linux pricing is transparent and predictable with a subscription that includes license, updates, and premium-level support.

“Cumulus Linux lets us scale economically and in an agile fashion. It’s removed bottlenecks on our infrastructure growth. … we can grow our infrastructure as fast as we need to.”

– Richard Kiene, Principal Engineer, Faithlife Corp.

Our robust partner ecosystem supports solutions for today and tomorrow.

Open networking accelerates industry innovation. As the addressable market for merchant silicon expands, hardware vendors innovate more quickly. Without the reliance on a locked system, customers accelerate their own development cycles and leverage the Linux community for learning, idea sharing, and shaping of innovative solutions. Cumulus Networks has a diverse set of partners for solutions spanning big data; cloud orchestration; converged infrastructures; data center automation, monitoring and analytics; network virtualization overlays; and virtualization. There are validated design guides for key use cases to help customers get started quickly.

“... Cumulus Networks has built an open platform that allows ecosystem partners to build and integrate very easily, providing us with a choice of evaluating several solutions at a fast pace.”

– Dag Stenstad, CTO, Zetta.IO

The Cumulus Networks team excels with domain expertise and world-class support.

Our founding team includes JR Rivers, a Cisco veteran who was involved in the early development of Google’s renowned data center networks, Nolan Leake, an early VMware engineer, and a number of Cisco Fellows responsible for some of the biggest advancements ever in networking. The extended team includes deep expertise in hardware switch design, networking protocols and real world network developments in some of the most challenging data center environments in the world. Our investors are among the best: Andreessen Horowitz, Battery Ventures, Sequoia Capital, Peter Wagner and VMware co-founders Diane Greene, Ed Bugnion, Ellen Wang, and Mendel Rosenblum. Our senior network support engineers have an average of over 15 years of technical experience — ensuring faster time to resolution than legacy vendors.

“The Cumulus Networks solution exceeded our expectations. Not only did the team provide world-class support and professional services, we've also built the solution we wanted from the start, one that scales, and that is automated.”

– Pam Lyra, VP Customer Satisfaction and SaaS Operations, Axcient

Open Networking Is Inevitable

Open networking adoption is broadening with support for a plethora of hardware platforms and use cases. Cumulus Networks unleashes the power of open networking with Cumulus Linux. We lead the industry with both the #1 operating system for open networking and an innovative business model that puts choice and control into the hands of customers.