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Dive into the new world of Open Networking with Cumulus VX. Cumulus VX is a community-supported virtual appliance that enables cloud admins and network engineers to preview and test Cumulus Networks technology at zero cost.


You can build sandbox environments to learn Open Networking concepts and prototype network operations risk-free. With Cumulus VX, you can get started with Open Networking at your pace, on your time, and in your environment!


Develop and script portable, custom applications easily and without risk. Use the same Linux development tools in Cumulus VX that you would in any Linux environment.

What Cumulus VX Users Say

Dell EMC
Cumulus VX substantially increases our capability to highlight the value of Cumulus Linux. We can quickly create everything from simple single VMs to large multi-node spine and leaf topologies that mimic customer production deployments without having to reserve hardware.

DJ Spry

Principal Engineer, Open Networking

Having the ability to spin up virtual Cumulus-powered switches is a huge boon for automation testing. It's incredibly powerful to be able to use automation frameworks such as Ansible, Salt, Puppet, or Chef with Cumulus, and adding Cumulus VX to the mix now enables safer testing of these automation frameworks before you roll them into production. I use Ansible, and I can easily test changes to my Ansible playbooks using Cumulus VX before I run that playbook against production switches.

Scott Lowe

Engineering Architect, Networking and Security Business Unit

NTT Group
Rapid development of new functionality is key to introducing customer innovations and operational enhancements into production environments. NTT has been developing GoBGP, a BGP implementation that can work with Cumulus Linux. Without the need for switch hardware, Cumulus VX accelerates our pace of building, testing, and implementing GoBGP and other software functionality on top of Cumulus Linux!

Ishida Wataru

Senior System & Research Engineer

Keep It Classless
Solutions that allow network professionals to get up to speed quickly and easily see better adoption. With Cumulus VX, all you need is your laptop! There’s no need to invest time and money into switch hardware and full-blown PoCs to get started with Open Networking!

Matt Oswalt

Technology Blogger at


Cumulus VX runs on multiple virtual environments, including VMware, VirtualBox, KVM and Vagrant.


On-Demand Webinars

Learn more about how Cumulus VX allows you to learn, model, simulate and test network topologies at zero cost and risk-free in your environment!

Intro to Cumulus VX Webinar

Agile Network Deployment


Community Support

Join the community to collaborate with other Cumulus VX users. Ask, share and learn!

Frequently Asked Questions

Cumulus VX is a virtual appliance that helps potential customers and partners get familiar with Cumulus Networks Technology, while providing existing customers and partners a platform to prototype network operations and develop custom applications prior to deploying into production environment. Without the need of a bare metal switch or specialized hardware, Cumulus VX runs on all popular hypervisors, making traditional networking protocols such as BGP and MLAG and Cumulus Networks-specific technologies such as ONIE, Prescriptive Topology Manager (PTM) available for testing and configuration.

Data center cloud admins and network engineers can leverage Cumulus VX. Some use cases for Cumulus VX include (but are not limited to):

  • Learn: Cumulus VX will help IT and Network professionals get familiar with Open Networking and Cumulus Linux.
  • Test Drive: Shorten the evaluation by testing Cumulus Linux features and functionalities at your time in your environment by means of Cumulus VX, without needing to invest in any hardware platform.
  • Prototype & Pre-Production Rollout: Existing customers can leverage Cumulus VX to experiment and design rollouts minimizing errors and time to production.
  • Development: Customers and partners can leverage Cumulus VX to develop custom, portable applications that you can seamlessly migrate to your production Cumulus Linux or RMP deployments.

Cumulus VX is available as a free download on the Cumulus Networks Website. You must create an account and login to download Cumulus VX.

Cumulus VX is supported by Cumulus Networks Open Networking Community, a self-serving resource to share and build knowledge. To get started with Cumulus VX, visit Cumulus VX Getting Started guide. For additional information on how to configure functionality in Cumulus VX, please visit Cumulus Documentation.

Please note that Cumulus VX will not be supported by the Cumulus Networks GSS (Global Support Service) team. Cumulus VX Support Policy is documented here.

Cumulus VX can run in the following environments:

  • Virtualbox
    • Standalone
    • With GNS3
    • With Vagrant
  • KVM
    • Standalone
    • With GNS3
  • VMware
    • Workstation
    • Fusion
    • ESXi

Cumulus VX is not a production-ready virtual switch or virtual router. It not intended for use in a production environment.

Unlike Cumulus Linux and Cumulus RMP, Cumulus VX is not meant to run on production switches or carry production data traffic. It does not have an actual ASIC or NPU for line rate performance or hardware acceleration. Cumulus Linux's switchd package is omitted from the VX offering. Additionally Cumulus VX does not come with the usual CL product level of support and QA resources. View a detailed comparison of Cumulus VX and other Cumulus Networks products here.

There is no upgrade support for Cumulus VX. Images will be released for Cumulus VX for every Cumulus Linux release. You cannot upgrade Cumulus VX using apt-get upgrade|update and will have to install the new version from scratch. However, you can use apt-get to install additional software packages, whether they are Cumulus Linux-specific or Debian-specific.

You can download Cumulus VX here, read the getting started guide and visit Cumulus VX Community here to ask any questions or share your experiences.

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