Chapter 2

Operational efficiency

More than anything else, a modern data center that is built on web-scale principles delivers the operator an efficient way to deploy, manage and scale their infrastructure. Cumulus Linux allowed organizations like Dreamhost, BlueJeans, nToggle, Athena, Healthcare Realty and others to standardize their technology stack and leverage existing tools and applications, resulting in an operationally efficient model.

With Cumulus Linux, customers are able to deploy their network infrastructure 95% quicker than they could with traditional options. These customers were also able to increase their operator to switch ratio by leveraging their existing tools, skills and knowledge to across their technology stack.

In this section we take a deeper dive and explore how organizations like Healthcare Realty, a $3.5B company with locations in over 29 states was able to exponentially increase their operator to switch ratio and able to leverage tools like Ansible to bring switches online at the branch location — up in under 10 minutes.

We will also look at how operational efficiency helped customers like BlueJeans, Athena Health, Ooyala lowered their OpEx by means of quicker time to production (days instead of weeks), optimizing man hours, ease of application portability and supply chain management.

Chapter 3: Flexibility