Chapter 3


Choice and flexibility are one of the key benefits of web-scale open networking. With a disaggregated networking model, customers now have the unparalleled flexibility to chose from hosts of hardware platforms to open optics and cables, applications (commercial or home grown) and protocols.

While multi vendor support was important to customers like BlueJeans as they were able to mitigate any supply chain risk by adopting multiple platforms, customers like NTT achieved flexibility in terms of creating custom protocols and applications like GoBGP, something they could never do with a traditional vendor.

Other customers like Switch that adopted Cumulus Quagga OSPF unnumbered got the flexibility of deploying hosts in the data center without relation to link IP addresses, which enables easy migration and flexibility.

Customer deploying private cloud with OpenStack and Cumulus Linux as a networking foundation have created a completely automated data center that is capable of spinning up new services in minutes while being flexible enough to incorporate any new tool from any hardware vendor.

Chapter 4: Scalability