About this e-book

One of the most defining aspects of open networking is that it offers unprecedented choice and flexibility in your data center. When a new customer joins the Cumulus Networks family, we provide a comprehensive analysis and recommendation process to ensure we’ve found the ideal solution. Our engineers work closely with customers to identify specific issues with the status quo, align a strategy for optimization and ensure it’s implemented correctly. This process ensures our customers are leveraging the ideal tools and mechanisms that are part of the Cumulus Networks ecosystem.

As we develop these solutions, nothing makes us happier than connecting with our customers after deployment to hear about how Cumulus Networks has helped them improve and optimize their data center networks.

The following pages briefly summarize how Cumulus Networks customers have leveraged Cumulus Linux to create better, efficient and more powerful networks. As the case studies are organized by solution, you can easily view the multitude of ways Cumulus Networks can help you achieve your business goals. Read each overview in order, or click through to take a deeper dive.

Each case study in this ebook covers:

Chapter 1: Simplified network design