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Monash University builds a high-performance computing environment with Cumulus Linux


Cumulus allows us to democratize research and enable innovation.

Steve Quenette, Deputy Director, Monash University


Education & research

Business Objective

High-performance computing, out-of-band management & private cloud


Mellanox & OpenStack


Monash University is one of Australia's leading universities and ranks among the world's top 100. They are one of only eight research-intensive universities in Australia and one of the fastest growing universities in world research rankings.

Monash University's research center was looking to refresh their data center in a way that would enable their researchers to innovate more efficiently. They needed a software-defined network solution that could support a high-performance computing environment, out-of-band management, private cloud and OpenStack. With Cumulus Networks, Monash University was able to democratize research, security and innovation with a Cumulus Linux network operating system. Watch the video learn how the Cumulus consulting team helped Monash University get up and running in only three weeks.