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Interested in learning common configurations? Wondering how Cumulus Linux compares to Cisco? We've got you covered. Our collection of how-to videos shows you everything you need to know about open networking.

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  • Meet the instructors

    Eric Pulvino

    Sr Consulting Engineer, Eric is not sure if he loves Linux or Networking more but is happy he doesn't have to choose.

  • Meet the instructors

    Rama Darbha

    Open source advocate & Sr. Consulting Engineer, Rama evangelizes data center singularity across network, server & nodes.

  • Meet the instructors

    Sean Cavanaugh

    Sean is a former Sr Consulting Engineer and enjoys helping businesses adopt fully automated data centers.

  • Meet the instructors

    Diane Patton

    Diane is a Technical Marketing Engineer with Cumulus, with 20 years experience in the networking industry.


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Traditional vs. Linux: Cisco

Traditional vs. Linux: Juniper


Centralized Configuration