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Interested in learning common configurations? Wondering how Cumulus Linux compares to Cisco? We've got you covered. Our collection of how-to videos shows you everything you need to know about open networking.

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Compare Cumulus vs. Cisco, access Cumulus Linux tutorials and learn networking basics

  • Meet the instructors

    Eric Pulvino

    Sr Consulting Engineer, Eric is not sure if he loves Linux or Networking more but is happy he doesn't have to choose.

  • Meet the instructors

    Rama Darbha

    Open source advocate & Sr. Consulting Engineer, Rama evangelizes data center singularity across network, server & nodes.

  • Meet the instructors

    Sean Cavanaugh

    Sean is a former Sr Consulting Engineer and enjoys helping businesses adopt fully automated data centers.

  • Meet the instructors

    Diane Patton

    Diane is a Technical Marketing Engineer with Cumulus, with 20 years experience in the networking industry.


Getting started with open networking basics

Cumulus vs. Cisco

Cumulus vs. Juniper


Centralized Configuration

NCLU and Cumulus Linux tutorial