Campus Operations:
infrastructure-as-code & campus feature requirements

Real world stories of operating an open network campus solution

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CalendarThursday, July 23 Time9 am PT / 5pm BST PresenterEric Pulvino PresenterRama Darbha

Campus solutions require certain features for optimal functionality, while other features are not as critical. Leveraging open networking in the campus requires collaboration between these two schools of thought to generate reliable and predictable real world implementations.

To concluded our summer long webinar series on campus networking, Cumulus Networks' Eric Pulvino, senior consultant at Cumulus Networks, and Rama Darbha, Director of Services, will share insights on the real world experiences of deploying an open campus networking solution for customers of Cumulus Networks.

monitor-approve Learning Objectives:

  • Which features are leveraged in open networking campus solutions
  • How day to day operations are optimized using open networking solutions
  • Understand the compromise between traditional campus networks and modern open campus networks