Network Visibility Reinvented: NetQ 2.0 Launch for Partners: Selling holistic, real-time visibility and troubleshooting of your modern data center network | Cumulus Networks

Network Visibility Reinvented: Positioning NetQ

Solve your customers’ network pain points with holistic, real-time visibility and troubleshooting

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Your NetQ 2.0 pitch & live demo

Join Cumulus experts Scott Ciccone (Senior Director, Product Marketing) and Justin Betz (Technical Marketing Engineer) to learn about the Cumulus NetQ 2.0 release, and how it can help provide your customers with solutions to their network demands. We’ll cover the benefits of Cumulus NetQ, such as:

  • Data collection: real-time and historical telemetry and network state information

  • Data analytics: deep processing of the data

  • Data visualization: rich graphical user interface (GUI) for actionable insight

In this on-demand recording, we run through a live demo and explain how best to position the power of Cumulus NetQ to your customers. Fill out the form to learn how this modern network operations tool set provides real-time holistic visibility and troubleshooting into overlay and underlay networks.

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