High Performance Solutions for Data Management

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CalendarWednesday, September 23 Time10am CET PresenterBram van Vliet PresenterRobby van Roosmalen

You are invited to join NVIDIA and Qumulo's networking experts Bram van Vilet and Robby van Roosmalen for a discussion on how managing your network-based file data can be streamlined.

The amount of file-based data is growing steadily, to the point where companies can no longer manage their millions or billions of digital assets. At the same time, the elastic resources and global reach of the public cloud have placed companies under pressure to make their file-based data always available.

These conditions demand a new type of file storage solution. This webinar will explain how with Qumulo and NVIDIA, you will be able to meet your most demanding file management challenges, in your data center and in the cloud.

monitor-approveLearning Objectives

  • Why a new file system: Changing Data Types and Data Generating Resources
  • Use cases
  • Real-time analysis and 100% available storage with Qumulo Architecture
  • API-based IT infrastructures with Qumulo and NVIDIA
  • Qumulo & NVIDIA Hardware Platform Options
  • Contributions of NVIDIA Switch and Server cards to system performance
  • Qumulo & NVIDIA Demo