New Era of Open Networking

Expanding innovations for the future of the data center

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CalendarWednesday, August 26 Time9:00 am PST/ 5pm BST PresenterDavid Iles PresenterPete Lumbis

The most advanced data center operators around the world leverage open networking to accelerate their networks towards the future. Join NVIDIA’s networking experts Davids Iles (Senior Director, Ethernet Switch) and Pete Lumbis (Director of Technical Marketing and Docs) for a discussion on the latest innovations in data center networking.

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monitor-approveLearning Objectives

  • 6 benefits of the new era of network disaggregation
  • Open networking use-cases
  • Support models for open networking
  • Turn-key orchestration platforms
  • Taking a safe approach to open networking
  • How to get started with open networking