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Modernize Your Data Center with Open Source

Tools & techniques that will equip you to build modern infrastructure with purpose

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SDxCentral hosts Cumulus Network co-founder and CTO, JR Rivers, as he constructs the framework in which to think and act upon modern, open source networking. 

Learn the latest ways open networking is changing today's cloud landscape, and equip yourself with the tools and techniques to move your data center network into the modern age. JR will bolster your foundational networking knowledge with current industry characteristics and trends, and then build upon that with examples of technologies and projects that you can access to build infrastructure with purpose. (We're all excited by this, and not just because open source is in Cumulus' DNA.)

In this webinar, JR Rivers will discuss: 

  • Cloud networking industry characteristics and trends
  • Operational vs. compute costs (read: more compute, less cost)
  • Technology and project samples to reference, namely Linux Kernel Networking Sub-system and FRRouting
  • Your next steps to move ahead with a modern, open data center network 

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