The SONiC Open Networking Phenomenon with Criteo

What is it and why does it matter?

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CalendarWednesday, November 25 Time9am GMT / 10am CET PresenterYuval Borenstein PresenterAttilla de Groot

SONiC is garnering lots of industry attention as cloud hyperscalers, service providers of all kinds, and enterprises seek faster, more efficient, and automated networking. Taking a page from the likes of Google and Facebook, a growing number of enterprises are benefiting from the acceleration of open networking and looking to SONiC to eliminate vendor dependence.

NVIDIA and SONiC together are delivering the best of what open networking has to offer. NVIDIA offers pure SONiC that is community developed, publicly available and 100% open-sourced and includes NVIDIA full QA cycles, professional services, technical documentation and training. NVIDIA has been a leading contributor to SONiC since its inception, providing deep networking, open-source and Linux expertise to uniquely support the successful adoption of SONiC for our customers.

One such company is Criteo, the Paris-based advertising platform for the open internet. Join this webinar to discover the benefits SONiC brings to this global organisation and how it was successfully implemented.

You'll also discover how SONiC and NVIDIA are accelerating open networking and providing customers with the assurance that their data center networks will possess the requisite flexibility, performance and scalability to meet future requirements.

monitor-approveLearning Objectives

  • Learn about SONiC, software for open networking in the cloud
  • Hear why adoption of SONiC is accelerating as cloud hyperscalers, service providers and enterprises seek to eliminate vendor lock-in
  • Hear how NVIDIA’s commitment to open networking is accelerating the SONiC community’s innovation and why this is good for the industry
  • Hear a real-world example of how Criteo benefits from SONiC's open networking