What is open networking? And why should you care?

Your quick intro to open networking with Cumulus Linux

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Join us Wed, March 18th @ 9am AEDT

Open networking. You've heard of it, but could you explain it to someone else? Or better yet, explain why they should care about it? Whether or not you'll be convincing your org anytime soon, you'll want to be familiar with open networking because it's reshaping the data center.

Join experts from Cumulus Networks for a brief history of open networking and the role of Cumulus Linux before diving into the real meat of the webinar: why you should care! A few highlights of the discussion:

  • What is driving the growth of open networking
  • How open networking can help you take advantage of EVPN, VXLAN and other popular protocols
  • Where to go for more education on Linux-based networking
  • What the process looks like for those interested in trying (and/or buying) open networking technology

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