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  • Cumulus Networks case study: Outbrain

    Cumulus Networks case study: Outbrain

    Read this case study to learn how Outbrain gained unprecedented scalability with Cumulus Linux.

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  • Big data Cumulus-Linux installation guide

    Big data Cumulus-Linux installation guide

    This validated design guide will walk you through on the technical steps to configure Cumulus Linux to support your big data processing.

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  • Nutanix deployment guide

    Nutanix deployment guide

    This technical deployment guide provides step-by-step instructions for deploying Nutanix with Cumulus Linux.

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  • NTT case study

    NTT case study

    Read this case study to find out how NTT built a flexible and simple network with Cumulus Linux.

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  • Perth Radiological Clinic case study

    Perth Radiological Clinic case study

    Learn how Perth Radiological Clinic scaled their data center using Cumulus Linux.

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  • Shapeways case study

    Shapeways case study

    Shapeways worked with Cumulus Networks to build an agile, scalable and reliable network for their new datacenter deployments by leveraging Linux and L3 networking throughout the data center stack.

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  • OpenWager case study

    OpenWager case study

    Cumulus Linux allowedOpenWager to leverage DevOps orchestration tools that were critical for an IT team to expand their coverage without increasing head-count.

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  • NephoScale Cloud case study

    NephoScale Cloud case study

    Nephoscale deployed a Layer 3 architecture with Cumulus Linux and Chef to provide flexible solutions that can scale affordably.

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  • MicroAd case study

    MicroAd case study

    MicroAd leveraged Cumulus Networks to deploy a Clos layer 3 architecture to address layer 2 complexities. By leveraging existing Linux knowledge, MicroAd was able to reduce costs.

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  • Healthcare Realty case study

    Healthcare Realty case study

    The ability to leverage existing applications to manage the network at all remote sites while reducing OpEx helped the Healthcare Realty team build an effective, scalable + flexible operational model.

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  • Campaign Monitor case study

    Campaign Monitor case study

    Cumulus Linux enabled Campaign Monitor to configure and manage their network switches like servers, treating everything in the data center as just another Linux box.

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  • BlueJeans case study

    BlueJeans case study

    With Cumulus Linux and Ansible for automation, the Bluejeans team achieved operationally efficiency and reduced their TCO.

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  • Mt. Pleasant Indy School District case study

    Mt. Pleasant Indy School District case study

    With a network refresh on the horizon, Mount Pleasant ISD built a reliable, flexible and easy to use OpenStack environment with Cumulus Linux.

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  • OrionVM case study

    OrionVM case study

    Cumulus Linux provided the price, performance, and open ecosystem OrionVM needed to achieve its goal of high performance, agile infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of others.

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  • DreamHost case study

    DreamHost case study

    DreamHost’s environment consists of customer points of delivery (PODs) and command & control PODs for orchestration and management — all running Cumulus Linux in a leaf/spine architecture.

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  • Redpill case study

    Redpill case study

    Learn how Redpill Linpro created a modern network with Cumulus to achieve agility and efficiency through automation.

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  • DCspine case study

    DCspine case study

    Learn how DCSpine span up a completely new data center interconnect online service portal in just a year by using Cumulus Networks open networking technology.

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  • Logic Monitor case study

    Logic Monitor case study

    Learn how Logic Monitor improved the network’s reliability, reduced L2 complexities and built a scalable data center network with Cumulus Networks.

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  • CFMS + Mellanox case study

    CFMS + Mellanox case study

    Learn why CFMS chose Mellanox Spectrum™ Open Ethernet switches running Cumulus Linux to build their infrastructure in order to embrace open and disaggregated systems.

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  • CubeIO case study

    CubeIO case study

    Learn how CubeIO gained supply chain freedom and simple management by leveraging Cumulus Routing on the Host, BGP Unnumbered and Cumulus Linux.

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