These data center networking cheatsheets are a great reference for common commands and terms in open networking and Cumulus Linux.

  • Open networking terminology cheatsheet

    Open networking terminology cheatsheet

    Learn common terminology and definitions in the open networking industry including common cabling, switching and terms.

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  • NCLU cheatsheet

    NCLU cheatsheet

    Keep forgetting commands? Reference this cheatsheet for Cumulus Linux's Network Command Line Utility (NCLU).

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  • Cumulus Linux quick start cheatsheet

    Cumulus Linux quick start cheatsheet

    Your cheatsheet for easy commands and configurations for getting started with Cumulus Linux.

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  • Layer 1 cheatsheet

    Layer 1 cheatsheet

    Reference this cheatsheet for Linux commands relevant to configuring layer 1 in your data center network.

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  • Layer 2 cheatsheet

    Layer 2 cheatsheet

    Your reference guide for common layer 2 commands and configurations.

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  • Layer 3 cheatsheet

    Layer 3 cheatsheet

    Reference this cheatsheet to quickly remember Linux networking commands for configuring layer 3.

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  • Virtualization cheatsheet

    Virtualization cheatsheet

    Download this cheatsheet for a quick reference on Linux commands for network virtualization.

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  • NetQ GUI cheatsheet

    NetQ GUI cheatsheet

    Your quick reference cheatsheet to using the Cumulus NetQ GUI.

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  • Cumulus NetQ cheatsheet

    Cumulus NetQ cheatsheet

    Download this cheatsheet for a quick reference on how to use Cumulus NetQ commands like show and trace.

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  • TCPDump cheatsheet

    TCPDump cheatsheet

    Use this command and configuration cheatsheet to use TCPDUMP in Cumulus Linux open networking operating system.

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