Operationalizing EVPN: Episode 1

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Webinar: Operationalizing EVPN: Episode 1

July 24, 2019
Network operators are slowly but surely embracing L3-based leaf-spine designs. However, either due to legacy applications or certain multi-tenancy requirements, the need for L2 across racks is still present. How do you solve the problem of providing L2 across multiple racks? EVPN is quickly emerging as the best answer to this question. The next two episodes of the "Demystifying Networking" webinar series will focus on simplifying EVPN. We'll start the first episode with a discussion of the use cases, followed by an introduction to EVPN. We'll review the technologies EVPN competes with, along with an evaluation of the pros and cons of each. We'll then dive into configuring EVPN with FRRouting.
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