Webinar: EVPN Network Design for HCI

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Webinar: EVPN Network design for HCI with Nutanix

July 24, 2019
We all know that most of the time, two things are better than one. Think coffee and donuts, avocado and toast, or Simon and Garfunkel. When the perfect pair is together, they make everything better. The same holds true for networking solutions like the next-generation hyperconverged infrastructure model for compute and storage paired with EVPN-based open networking architectures. When you combine Nutanix’s leading HCI solution with Cumulus Linux, a truly modern data center architecture emerges. The Cumulus cheese to your Nutanix macaroni. The perfect pair. Learn how you can benefit from this perfect pairing. Jason Burns, Nutanix Technical Marketing Engineer, and Pete Lumbis, Cumulus Networks Technical Marketing Engineer, will discuss how to build single and multiple data center networks based on EVPN for scale-out Nutanix cluster deployments.
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