Webinar: Why linux in the data center

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Webinar: Why Linux in the data center

July 24, 2019
Linux. It's not always talked about in the most glowing of terms, but often the hesitation to use Linux can come from not understanding or experiencing the benefits of using it. More and more, organizations (and the teams that support these organizations) are starting to come around to the idea of using Linux more pervasively in the data center. Because of its consistency, scalability and the support inherent as being part of the open source community, the list of benefits of using Linux in the data center goes on and on. If you've ever considered adopting Linux more broadly in the data center, but have heard that it's difficult to get started, hard to operate, not secure (or any other concern!) listen in as we discuss the top 7 "Ugly Lies of Linux" as we call them. We'll cover everything from security to operations, and help you understand where the fear originated and what the reality is.
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