Rock your network with S.O.U.L.

July 24, 2019
What it means to have S.O.U.L.? Cumulus Networks offers a new paradigm for those who seek to drive change and automation with our focus around “Networking with S.O.U.L.” S.O.U.L = Simple, Open, Untethered, Linux. It is this driving principle that breaks the shackles of the old way. It is the unique capability that we offer. These four tenants are our goal, our passion and our differentiation. Only through these foundational principles can a modern, agile network be built to support the new demands of the business. Simple = Web-scale networks must be easy to try, provision, operate and scale Open = Openness means freedom, which means unleashing innovation Untethered = Disaggregation unlocks choice, plus the full use of automation tools and the ability to scale affordably Linux = Using Linux in networking unifies the data center, giving unprecedented visibility and coding power.
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The S.O.U.L of Cumulus Networks
The S.O.U.L of Cumulus Networks

We preach the benefits of using "S.O.U.L" (Simple, Open, Untethered Linux)in your network, but what does it...

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