Building a network of pods

May 30, 2019

Hyperconverged infrastructure is allowing companies to have a competitive edge in the world of open networking through integrated storage and computing, or Network of Pods

In the age of digital transformation, responsive IT resources are critical for organizations. Not only must an organization be agile, but also have the ability to both recognize market shifts and adapt their business models and processes faster than the competition. As businesses focus more on scaling private and hybrid cloud environments in order to process larger amount of data faster, they are simultaneously thinking about network design solutions. Hyperconverged infrastructure have increased in popularity and are steadily gaining momentum due to their ease of deployment and flexibility.

Hyperconverged systems, or HCI, integrate storage, computing and networking into a single system (pod) in order to reduce data center complexity and ease deployment challenges as compared to traditional data center architectures. Is your business ready for the future of pods?

View this white paper to learn more about:

  • The state of container networking and how hyperconverged systems are using pods to reduce data center complexities
  • Open networking benefits for hyperconverged systems
  • How Cumulus Networks is bringing Open Networking and the Networks of Pods together and what it means for your organization
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