Webinar: Next Gen DC Networking with AvidThink

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Webinar with AvidThink: Next-gen data center networking

July 24, 2019
Data center innovation is largely driven today by the need for efficiency, to handle larger data sets associated with analytics, AI/machine learning and continued efforts in virtualization and containerization. At the same time, application architectures are changing data center traffic patterns, making east-west data transfers the dominant share of networking traffic. So how do you make your data center network faster, smarter, more nimble and self-reliant, while maintaining a clear grasp on ever-changing activity within data centers? Hit play to hear Roy Chua, Founder and Principal at AvidThink, and Ami Badani, VP of Marketing at Cumulus Networks, discuss leading drivers, challenges and solutions behind today’s data center networking requirements. You'll also learn about: -What's driving business and technology transformation today -Technology trends in data center networks -Virtualization and containerization -Network management and automation, and the role of machine learning
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