Webinar: Open Networking for Cloud Service Providers

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Webinar: Open networking for cloud service providers (CSPs)

July 24, 2019
In the era of cloud and anything-as-a-service, large organizations are looking to offer their tenants and customers services that rival those of giants like Amazon, Google and Microsoft. Characteristics such as self-service consumption, automation and pay-as-you-go economics are attractive benefits of cloud infrastructures. Cloud and Managed Service Providers care about web-scale methodologies because their businesses demand it. To go above and beyond customer expectations, their infrastructures must be agile, scalable and cost effective. Watch this video to learn why so many Service Providers have moved to open networking to build their scalable, automated and cost efficient networks (and, coincidentally, selected Cumulus Linux as their Network OS). In this brief webinar, we'll cover: -The unique challenges facing cloud and managed service providers -Benefits of open, web-scale networking -Simple, reliable and predictable infrastructures leveraging BGP, eBGP and VXLAN/EVPN -How to get started with automation for compliance and automated workflows
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