Permission to cheat

Cheating isn't always bad — especially when it comes to your network configuration.

Is trying to memorize all the extensive Linux and open networking commands giving you a headache? Wasting time with trial and error?

Sometimes we all need a little help, so that’s why we’ve rounded up these various cheat sheets made for different networking situations and platforms.

These handy documents were designed for quick references as you learn and leverage Cumulus Linux and other open networking solutions. It features the most common commands used in Cumulus Linux with explanations on how to use them, as well as a OpenStack, layer 2 and 3 networking and more.

Check out these documents on

  • Quick Start on Linux for networking cheat sheet

  • Layer 2: link cheat sheet

  • Layer 3: routing cheat sheet

  • Network virtualization cheat sheet

  • NetQ cheat sheet

Make sure to check this page often, we’ll be updating and growing our cheat sheet library.

Your cheat sheet pack