Software Cancellation

The policies below apply to all Cumulus Networks software subscriptions and licenses sales.

Before you make a purchase decision, please read about our products to ensure that the software meets your needs. We can also provide solutions to help you evaluate our software before you make your purchase. If you have any questions, please contact your approved reseller or Cumulus Networks sales team.

Cancellation Requests

  • If you purchased your product directly from Cumulus Networks: Once your order has been processed, Cumulus Networks does not accept any cancellation requests or RMAs, nor does it provide refunds. Your order is processed when you have received an order confirmation email from Cumulus Networks.
  • If you did not purchase your product directly from Cumulus Networks: Please contact your approved reseller/distributor/OEM regarding your cancellation request. Cumulus Networks cannot accept cancellation requests on products that were not directly purchased from Cumulus Networks.

Subscription Start Dates

  • If you purchased your product from a Cumulus Networks approved reseller/distributor: You and your approved reseller/distributor should have received instructions on how to activate your subscription. Your subscription starts when you activate it. If you or your approved reseller/distributor do not activate your subscription within 45 days after your purchase, Cumulus Networks will automatically activate it for you on the 45th day. Once you activate your subscription, Cumulus Networks does not accept any changes to subscription start dates.
  • If you purchased your product from a Cumulus Networks OEM: Your subscription start date is governed by your agreement and contract dates with the OEM. Cumulus Networks cannot accept changes to this date.

Cumulus Networks is not responsible for lost emails or hardware shipment/deployment delays.

Cumulus Networks will only accept subscription date changes or cancellation requests if Cumulus Networks made an error on dates or products.