Ready to Fall in Love with DevOps and NetDevOps?

The Dylan Restaurant, Amsterdam


April 23rd 2020, 12:00pm - 4:00pm

Cumulus Networks and Nutanix invite you to an exclusive roundtable lunch at the Dylan Restaurant, Amsterdam.

With cloud providers, hyperscalers and traditional networking vendors all casting amorous glances, do Service Providers stick with what they know or consider a change.

A recent study by Loudhouse revealed the majority of companies are interested in introducing open networking into their data center, having reached breaking point with proprietary infrastructure.

One of the most often cited reasons for this desire for change is the drive for greater flexibility from their network, including the introduction of DevOps, NetDevOps and automation.

With companies looking for a fresh approach, which way do Service Providers turn to keep up with these changes?

Can DevOps save your relationship with the Private Cloud, or are you already wedded to the Public Cloud?

This roundtable lunch, chaired by David Hut from Denit, will pose these questions - among a few others - to evaluate whether Service Providers need to stick with their existing data center relationships, or flirt with the leaders in open networking and DevOps.

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