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What’s in store for silicon and software in the data center?

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Prepare your network for the influx of traffic and application growth

Data center innovation and growth is largely driven today by the need for efficiency, to handle larger data sets associated with analytics, AI/machine learning, and continued efforts in virtualization and containerization.

At the same time, application architectures are changing data patterns, making east-west data transfer the dominant share of networking traffic. In fact, in the next few years, east-west data traffic is expected to account for more than 80% of all data center traffic, crating a need for ever-increasing network interface speeds ― 50G, 100G, and now 400G.

So how do you make your data center network faster, smarter, more nimble and self-reliant, while still having a clear grasp on all its activity?

AvidThink drills into the drivers, the trends, and the solutions behind each of these future-facing requirements in their latest research report. They discuss:

  • What's driving business and technology transformation today

  • Technology trends among data center networks

  • Virtualization and containerization

  • Network management and automation with machine learning

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