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Build the best modern campus network

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Gartner shares best practices for designing campus wired/WLAN networks


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The rapid evolution of campus networking is largely inspired by data centers, from technology and cost perspectives. I&O leaders are looking beyond standard hardware refreshes and exploring the innovations and cost efficiencies of open networking.

In this research report, Gartner cuts through the hype around software-defined solutions (SD-LAN, SD-Campus and SD-Segmentation) and gets straight to the best practices for opening & unifying wired and WLAN campus networks.

In this report:


Identify changes in how enterprises plan, build & invest in campus networks, plus best practices in open wired/WLAN


Guidance on conducting a thorough POC for open & unified wired/WLAN infrastructure upgrades


Campus optimization priorities based on efficiency and cost, plus research-based predictions on campus networking