Two great reasons to get
Cumulus Linux Certified this month

If you’re running a layer 2 network, then you’ve experienced the shock and terror of the data center being taken down by villainess network complexities. The horror of knowing the company is losing money, and even scarier, that someone may be losing their job.

From the wild reaches of space, comes the most dreaded data center super-villain ever!

But who can save this network ─ and the planet ─ from inevitable ruin!?!?

Can Rocket Turtle save the day with modern design and network dexterity? Will open networking free the data center from total ruin?

Grab your cape, grab your spandex, grab your rocket pack and grab a 30-minute meeting to learn how Cumulus can help improve your network operations and cost efficiency. In return, we will send you the exclusive, long awaited, first edition of The Amazing Adventures of Rocket Turtle comic book and a discount code for 20% off Cumulus Core. But hurry heroic one, there are limited copies and demand is high!

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