End-to-end visibility now a necessity to the modern data center

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Digital transformation is in full swing

89% of businesses have at least one digital initiative underway.* Businesses that become digital organizations are more profitable and are able to sustain leadership in their respective industries. To succeed in the digital era, organizations must be agile and have the ability to both recognize market shifts and adapt their business models and processes faster than the competition. That’s where container networking comes in. 

Containers enable businesses to build applications faster, increase their level of IT agility and rapidly become digital organizations. However, several new challenges arise because of containers. IT organizations must understand what these are and adapt the underlying network to solve these problems. 

In this paper, analyst Zeus Kerravala researches and analyzes the state of container networking and how organizations need end-to-end visibility to scale optimally. Fill out the form to receive your copy. 

*According to the ZK Research 2018 IT Priorities Survey as referenced in this white paper