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It’s no secret: Containers have raised compute agility to a new level. Analyst firm ZK Research finds that, 64% of businesses currently deploy containers, with another 10% implementing them by the end of 2018.

What’s the catch? Rigidity of legacy networks is at odds with the agility of containers. Plus, containers are abundant and ephemeral, which makes them hard to track and monitor.

The good news is: You can address the container conundrum. First, adopt a NetDevOps mindset. Next, embrace Linux to enable unmatched flexibility. Third, consider an end-to-end management system to access real-time telemetry data and end-to-end visibility. (We happen to recommend NetQ).

Too good to be true? Read this white paper by ZK Research. And give NetQ a try for yourself! Try the technology for free here.

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89% of businesses have at least one digital initiative underway.

— ZK Research, 2018 IT Priorities Survey

The bottom line

The digital transformation era is in full swing. You need end-to-end visibility into an agile network of containers to protect and grow your company’s revenue and profits. NetQ with Kubernetes can take your network there.

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