Crawl. Walk. Fly.

On a scale of turtle egg to rocket turtle, at what stage is your network innovation? Are you crawling, walking or innovating at light speed?

Find out which stage of innovation your network has reached.

Data center innovation, like any big goal, is not an overnight achievement. So whether you’re just starting on the path to network automation and DevOps practices, or you’re already a web-scaler extraordinaire, Cumulus Networks is here for you with resources, guidance and enthusiasm. We’re excited to be here with you on your journey, and maybe even help get you to the next phase.

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In what stage is your network innovation?

You know your network better than anyone else.

You’re a network guru. EVPN? BGP? Layer 3? Oh yeah, you’ve been there. But you’re always looking to improve, so let’s see what the next step could be.



Businesses in the crawl phase are just beginning to experiment with modern technologies like open networking, automation, containers and more. It’s time to optimize for efficiencies and scalability.



In the walk phase, companies are taking steps to innovate their data center network. It’s time to take it up a notch with more automation, wider deployments and better visibility.



Companies that are “flying” are actively implementing modern technology, streamlined automations and intelligent NetDevOps processes. Now it’s time to make all that work even easier for your users and your network.

You’ve identified your network innovation stage. Now select its matching resource to best equip you for the next step.

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“Do not be afraid to take the dive into open networking. Cumulus is a quick and simple way to get into this space with confidence.”

— Lead Cloud Engineer in the Manufacturing Industry // Gartner Peer Insights 2019

The bottom line

No matter how quickly your network innovation is ramping up, you’re on the path to building a modern data center with applications built for the future. Cumulus is here to support you every step of the way. Give it a try with the option of two free trials.

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