From traditional to transformation

How to adopt a software-defined mindset in your network

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Innova is an IT company that creates web services, publishes computer and mobile games, and delivers a gaming platform and news portal with more than 25 million active users. In order to deliver the best services to their clients, Innova needs to have an incredibly scalable infrastructure with low complexity and high agility.

Join our webinar to learn why Innova swapped Cisco, Juniper and F5 for XCloud Networks which leverages open networking technologies with Cumulus Networks and Edgecore Networks. We'll be joined by the CEO of XCloud Networks who will take us through the demand of Innova and the business drivers that forced them to reassess their network build. We'll discuss their move to a Layer3 Clos topology with routing on the host principles, and the benefits they've seen since adopting a network built on web-scale principles.

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xCloud CEO

Alex Saroyan

Co-founder and CEO, XCloud Networks

Alex Saroyan is a seasoned technology executive with 18 years of experience building and managing carrier and data center networks. While spending most of his career in managing roles, Alex has hands-on engineering and coding experience and detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of networking protocols and practical challenges. That is why operational experience, learned best practices and addressed challenges became a significant part of XCloud Networks' product architecture.