Innovation is driven by openness

Cumulus Networks & the Open Compute Project

Innovation is driven by openness. 

Just look at the server market, where Linux-based software and commodity x86 hardware drove flexibility, cost efficiencies and innovation. But in networking, proprietary technologies still dominate. And that means organizations are limited in choice and are at the mercy of the vendor that controls the technology. 

This is why open networking — separating network software from the hardware — is the future. An entire ecosystem has arisen around open networking that offers organizations choice, not only in the networking hardware and software they run, but also in how they procure it.

Cumulus Networks is driving openness in the age of web-scale networking. That's why we align to the mission of the Open Compute Networking Project — to "create a set of networking technologies that are disaggregated and fully open, allowing for rapid innovation in the network space."

Our Linux-based software enables you to run your network on the dominant language of the data center and to achieve server-to-switch insight and operational intelligence. We give you the architectural freedom to decide on the topology, hardware, protocols and cables to unlock the vertical stack, designing a network that meets your unique needs. With open networking, you can configure and operate the network with agility using automation and provisioning tools.

Our vision is to remove any economic or organizational barriers so that anyone can access open networking. Our customers have saved an average of 45% on CapEx and approximately 74% on OpenEx by adopting these open, web-scale networking solutions with Cumulus Linux (click below to download our TCO paper to learn more!). Now companies of all sizes are able to reap the benefits and cost efficiencies of open networking to drive innovation.

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