Don't play games when it comes to your network

Maximize resource utilization to reduce ROI and simplify operations

The gaming industry has evolved over the past few years from brick-and-mortar locations to mostly an online marketplace. The industry is constantly reinventing itself, and this constant change drives the need for agility and speed in the data center. In 2017, the market for mobile gaming is projected to be over 108 Billion dollars. 

With the massive amount of data being ingested and processed every day, SLAs are important if you want to serve your user the best experience possible and stay competitive. Cumulus Linux is an open network operating system that is designed for efficiency, automation and scale. Our technology allows you to affordably build and efficiently operate your network as well as some of the world’s largest data centers. 

With Linux across the entire data center, you’ll reduce complexities and get complete interoperability. Our native integration and best-of-breed tools for automation mean you deliver IT services more quickly and with less manual effort. And our flexible, open architecture allows you to customize your network and scale easily.

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