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The Open Compute Project (OCP) has made significant progress over the years helping to drive innovation and adoption of open architectures across the data center in compute, storage and networking. A recent announcement revealed that the OCP market impact is expected to grow more than 5x worldwide by 2021.

Why the rapid rate of adoption? As most network operators and I&O professionals know, the demands of the modern datacenter continue to expand with the growth of IOT, security and edge computing, as well as increasing energy consumption requirements. Open computing technologies allow organizations to keep up with these increasing requirements while taking advantage of the flexibility, scalability and cost effectiveness of open hardware and software.

Join our webinar on Tuesday, April 10th to learn more about this announcement and study from IHS including:

  • The industries leading the movement in open computing
  • The top drivers to OCP adoption
  • Perceived challenges to OCP adoption
  • What work is being done to make consumption of OCP more digestible

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JR Rivers

Co-founder & CTO

Cumulus Networks


Bill Carter


Open Compute Project Foundation