Up your Linux networking skills!

Up your Linux networking skills!

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Up your Linux networking skills!

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Get 40% off Cumulus Core or Linux Fundamentals with the discount code EDU-40*


Welcome to the new era — the era of open networking.

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Knowledge is power

Up your skills by learning Linux networking— everything from ZTP to BGP!

To help you become an expert, we're offering 40% off your choice of either our Cumulus Core training series or Linux Fundamental series until December 31, 2020*. Just choose whichever one you'd like and enter code "EDU-40" at checkout.

This will get you started on your journey to becoming CCONP certified which is the industry’s first Linux open networking certification program. 

There's no time like the present. Carpe diem and cert up!

*Are you a Cumulus Networks partner? Head over to the https://cumulusnetworks.com/cms/pages/1242/delete/partner portal here instead to learn about your educational options.

Check out all your Cumulus Certification options:

Operational checklist

How the BGP theory of operations works for the modern data center

Innovations with BGP

Enhancements to BGP configuration provided by open networking

BGP best practices

How to manage changes, troubleshoot routing problems and more