EVPN: A control-plane solution for VXLAN tunnels

Learn how to leverage EVPN with Cumulus Linux

Many data centers today are moving from a legacy layer 2 design to a modern layer 3 web-scale IT architecture. But with this migration, some complexities persist. Specifically, many organizations are migrating data center networks to layer 3 routed architectures, but the network still must be able to provide layer 2 connectivity for business-critical applications, storage appliances and tenant isolation. 

That’s where EVPN steps in to help. Deploying EVPN enables you to enhance your layer 3 data center with benefits such as multitenancy, scalability, ARP suppression and more. Don't know where to begin? Check out the below resources to learn more about how you can incorporate EVPN into your Cumulus network.

Your EVPN resources: