The guide to data center EVPN

The guide to data center EVPN

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The guide to data center EVPN

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Best practices for adopting VXLAN in a Clos-based network


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Deploy EVPN seamlessly

Ethernet VPN (EVPN) has recently been gaining support among companies looking to solve problems in the design of data center networks. This mature technology has been part of service provider networks for years, but network architects and operators have to contend with complex concepts and terminology in the EVPN standards document. This eBook cuts through the fog and explains how you can deploy this technology seamlessly in your data center.

By guiding you through EVPN concepts and practicalities, author Dinesh Dutt describes why this technology is the piece you need to successfully adopt VXLAN in your Clos-based network. You'll discover why EVPN can be simpler to use in data centers than in service provider networks.

In this guide::


Understand network virtualization overlays (NVO), network tunneling, and bridging in EVPN networks, including the control and data planes


Learn the constructs that Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) provides to support NVOs


Inspect the most common deployment scenarios in EVPN configuration and put them to use in other situations