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‘Spark joy’ with EVPN

Marie Kondo says it's time to tidy up your network

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Marie Kondo started a revolution by asking a single question: Do your belongings spark joy? 

At Cumulus Networks, we’re asking the same question… about data center networks. We believe any item in your network that does not “spark joy” should be tidied up. 

Which is why we’ve put together a “tidy pack” of five resources that will assist you in learning more about how to incorporate EVPN into your network with Cumulus Linux.

This content pack includes:

  • A blog on the “minimalist network” philosophy
  • A 5-minute whiteboarding video on EVPN networks
  • A printable outline of why EVPN matters to your business 
  • An on-demand webinar with Nutanix on EVPN network design for HCI in the data center
  • Your definitive guide to EVPN in the data center (book available upon request) 

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