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Simplify your network with EVPN

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Simplify your network with EVPN

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The starter kit for EVPN implementation across layer 2 and layer 3 networks


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The simplest, most scalable way to configure your network connectivity

Design can make or break your network, and the best designs are often the simplest ones. EVPN in the data center is the simplest, easiest to configure, most scalable and flexible design for open data center networks.

When combined with BGP unnumbered and the new AutoBGP, you get an EVPN solution that is simpler, easier to configure and future-proofed like never before.

Begin your EVPN redesign with:

eBook + Article

The definitive guide to EVPN and why EVPN matters to your business

Webinar + Whiteboarding

Dinesh Dutt and Pete Lumbis offer an EVPN overview and best practices

Technical Whitepaper

Dive into BGP EVPN: how it impacts network design and how to deploy it