Unbox your network's potential with Cumulus

Note to FedEx Team

Our Fortune 50 customers often tell us the rigidity of having a traditional network has bottlenecked the agile deployment of their applications. As a result, they are bogged down by siloed legacy solutions that ultimately cost them valuable time and significant budget due to operational inefficiencies and excessive infrastructure spend. This was an unavoidable reality. It isn’t anymore. 

With 15M+ shipments and 250M+ tracking requests made daily, FedEx needs a secure and reliable network solution your customers can depend on.  

My proposal: Give me 30 minutes and I’ll demonstrate how Cumulus Networks will help you and your team at FedEx deliver a network that meets today’s business requirements of being flexible, scalable, reliable, secure and more importantly - how YOU can improve your network performance and help increase FedEx's operating margins on $69.7B in revenue to new heights. 

Unbox your network’s potential with Cumulus Networks. I’d love to show you how.

Ashley Timmons

Account Executive


(704) 491-1238

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