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Jump-start your network automation

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Forrester analysts Andre Kindness and Chris Gardner share how to fuel networking automation adoption


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Forrester’s guide to automation

Network automation continues to gain ground within enterprises that are looking to streamline network processes, reduce human error and increase speed to deployment. Fifty-six percent of global infrastructure technology decision makers have implemented, are implementing or are expanding/upgrading their implementation of automation software, while another 19% plan to implement it over the next 12 months. Now is the time to automate, but what is the best way to get started and how do you avoid common mistakes?

This report offers expert guidance from Forrester’s principal analysts Andre Kindness and Chris Gardner on the basics of automating your network, four common mistakes that bog down network automation projects and how to move beyond ad hoc network automation.

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The Basics

Learn when and where to start,<br>how to scale and more

For Common Mistakes

Avoid four common mistakes that bog down network automation projects

Tangible Takeaways

Move beyond ad hoc network automations with this expert checklist