NVIDIA Cumulus is among those that lead the pack

NVIDIA Cumulus is among those that lead the pack

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NVIDIA Cumulus is among those that lead the pack

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Find out how NVIDIA Cumulus stacks up against the most significant switching providers in market today


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A must-read for I&O professionals

In their 32-criterion evaluation of open, programmable switching solutions, Forrester Research named NVIDIA® Cumulus as a Leader and recognized us for our app-dev perspective on data center networks.

Download your copy of The Forrester Wave to see how the 12 most significant switching solutions in market were identified, researched, analyzed and scored. This report measures each solution to help infrastructure and operations (I&O) professionals select the right solution for their networking needs. In its profile of NVIDIA® Cumulus, Forrester recommends that enterprises with copious automation occurring in other areas and with an aim toward a unified software-defined data center (SDDC) should look to NVIDIA® Cumulus.

Key takeaways from this report:


Find out which companies are leading the pack and why


Learn which product versions were evaluated, how they were weighted and what they have to offer


Get detailed analyses of all 12 vendors' strengths & weaknesses